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So if you're on this page you must be looking for a newborn photographer / newborn photography and the first thing I'd like to say is - huge congratulations, I'm so excited for you.


I know you must have a million and one questions in your head, after all this is a very important time and picking the right newborn photographer is key to making sure you get the perfect baby photos. So here is some information on my style of newborn photography & other details to help answer some of the queries you may have.


Newborn photos are best suited for babies aged up to 3 weeks. They're a wonderful way to capture how tiny, curly and sleepy newborn babies are at this age..


I structure my sessions around a few set poses that i use for every newborn photoshoot.


However for I can't promise any particular pose because it all depends on each baby flexibility and sensibility to the touch .


That means that all of the newborn photos that I capture will still be as unique as your baby.


Examples of our past newborn photography can be seen in our portfolio 


I recommend booking just after your 20 week scan. To book I take a $200 deposit and pencil you in for your due date.


When baby arrives you send me a message and we then confirm the exact day and time for your newborn photos.


1 week after your photoshoot we schedule a in person/zoom viewing/ordering appoiment view all of your beautiful baby photos and you select the images you would like.


3 weeks after you have chosen your images I will have them edited and delivered via email.

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