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Baby photography is so important, I bet you're sitting there right now wondering how your little newborn has grown so quickly, and it's true because in that first year your baby changes more than they ever will again.


I adore the newborn baby stage, but as they grow and you start to see their little personalities emerge, well there's absolutely nothing better.


Baby photography is sometimes overshadowed by newborn photography and 1st birthday cake smashes, but I actually adore photographing babies in their 1st year.


7-10 months is the best age for baby photography because this is when they really start showing their personalities and are discovering so many new skills.

I love how they play with their feet at this age, they suddenly discover that they're there and I always love to capture this as part of my baby photography sessions.


They're also generally sitting on their own, which is super cute as it shows off all of their adorable baby rolls. Every baby photographer loves the little baby rolls and they disappear so quickly when babies start to walk, so it's lovely to capture them in all their adorable squidgey-ness.


I believe that baby photography should capture their personalities and every little detail, from the tips of their chubby little toes, to the tops of their heads with all that soft, whispy baby hair.

if you missed the newborn stage no problem you still have time for some beautiful baby photos.


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